After seeing Abby’s story on, Dr. Searle was moved by Abby’s story. Being in the hair restoration industry he has seen several patients who have been taken advantage of and wanted to help Abby avoid this same outcome. Dr. Searle and his staff reached out to Abby’s mom, Kim, and asked if they could help arrange a trip to Southern California. The Doctor wanted to help Abby understand that even though alopecia can be challenging, Abby has options. Abby and Kim will be flying to Southern California to meet with Dr. Searle on the 15th of October. The Doctor has cleared out his afternoon to help Abby understand what is happening to her hair and wants her to know that he cares.

After her appointment, Abby will enjoy some time in the sun while visiting Disneyland and local beaches. Abby has been positive and Dr. Searle wants to help her understand that even though alopecia is hard, things will work out for the best.

Abby says it best, “Just stay strong and be happy and look at all of the good things about it”. She has stayed very positive and is a great example to others who struggle with this condition.

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