Abby has come and gone, what a true inspiration she was to our office.  Abby arrived in Orange County with her mother, Kim, on the 15th of October.  Dr. Searle’s business director picked them up and helped them get their rental car and made sure they got checked into their hotel. From the hotel they visited the beach and Balboa Island.  After checking out the ocean and riding the Balboa Island Ferry, they went to enjoy an amazing dinner at Rusty Pelican.  Once done with dinner, it was time to meet Dr. Searle at his office. The doctor had already told Abby that he would spend as much time with her as needed. He wanted her to understand her condition and receive the answers she was looking for. When everyone arrived at the office, Kim surprised the staff with a box full of cookies from Kim’s Cookie Jar, her famous brand.  The cookies were delicious! I’m sure Kim would love it if you reached out to her and tried some too.

The doctor spent time with both Abby and Kim answering questions and explaining her condition.  The doctor examined Abby’s hair and explained to Abby and Kim that he was working with another company to help provide wigs for Abby until she’s 18.  Kim and Abby were both very appreciative and it was a great experience to have them in our office.  When Abby was done with Dr. Searle, our administrator took them back to their hotel.  Both were eager to go to Disneyland the next day and Abby was unsure she’d be able to sleep due to the excitement.

Abby then spent the next two days in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure.  Abby had a mission and knew exactly what she wanted to accomplish.  After spending two amazing days in Disneyland and Disney California Adventure, Abby and Kim flew back to Riverton, UT on Sunday Oct 18th.

It was a wonderful experience for Dr. Searle and his staff.  We were amazed at Abby’s calmness and positive outlook on life and not letting her condition dampen her bright personality.  We want Abby or anyone with a similar condition to know that our office is always here and willing to help.