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Risks of Finasteride (Propecia®) Use

Propecia® (Finasteride 1mg) is an oral medication that was made available for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth in 1997. Propecia® is now available as a generic drug. Finasteride has been shown in multiple studies to be a very effective, if not the most effective medication in hair loss prevention. It works by interfering with […]

What kind of Growth Factors are in PRP injections?

PRP, platelet rich plasma, is a unique therapy used in many specialties of medicine. PRP works by separating the platelets and the plasma portions of the blood from the red and white blood cells. This is important because red and white blood cells interfere with the growth factors produced by platelet rich plasma. Here are […]

Abby Matz – A Wonderful Visit

Abby has come and gone, what a true inspiration she was to our office.  Abby arrived in Orange County with her mother, Kim, on the 15th of October.  Dr. Searle’s business director picked them up and helped them get their rental car and made sure they got checked into their hotel. From the hotel they […]

Abby is coming to Southern California

After seeing Abby’s story on, Dr. Searle was moved by Abby’s story. Being in the hair restoration industry he has seen several patients who have been taken advantage of and wanted to help Abby avoid this same outcome. Dr. Searle and his staff reached out to Abby’s mom, Kim, and asked if they could […]

Hair Restoration Journey – 90 Days

It’s been 3 months, 90 days, and things are happening!  It is exciting to see “my” hair grow in places that it hasn’t grown since my early 20’s. I have to admit that I was very skeptical of the entire process but since January when I started the non-surgical hair restoration plan prescribed by Dr. […]

Are you a candidate for hair restoration?

Are you a candidate for hair restoration? Most people are candidates for some form of hair restoration.  Perhaps you have an underlying disorder that can be diagnosed with simple lab tests, and treated with medications, that will improve your hair.  Perhaps you need a medication to help with genetic hair loss.  Perhaps you need hair […]

Hair Loss – Why it happens and how you can fix it

INTRODUCTION During medical school, while doing clinical work in family and internal medicine, I became increasingly aware of the impact that hair loss was having on the patients I was helping take care of. Hair loss, whether in men or women, can have a devastating effect on confidence.  In turn, many people, upon losing their […]

Hair Restoration Journey – 60 Days

Many things have happened in the last 6​0 days.  I had my first haircut and my barber couldn’t believe how well things look in both my donor area and implant area.  He’s given many men haircuts and he is very used to seeing the linear scar.  He looked and looked for the scar and was so […]

Hair Restoration Journey – 7 Days

7-Day Update It’s been seven days and I’m feeling good. The day after the procedure I was able to go back to work but I still had my bandage on. Later in the day Dr. Searle removed and examined the donor and implant area and told me that both spots looked great. For the next […]

Hair Restoration Journey – 30 Days

It’s been 30 days and I feel amazing.  I’ve already started to feel better about myself as I’ve seen where my hair will continue to grow in my new hairline.  I feel younger, happier and more attractive to my wife.  I feel that I’ve taken back my appearance and I’m the man that I wanted […]