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Risks of Finasteride (Propecia®) Use

Propecia® (Finasteride 1mg) is an oral medication that was made available for hair loss prevention and hair regrowth in 1997. Propecia® is now available as a generic drug. Finasteride has been shown in multiple studies to be a very effective, if not the most effective medication in hair loss prevention. It works by interfering with […]

Abby Matz – A Wonderful Visit

Abby has come and gone, what a true inspiration she was to our office.  Abby arrived in Orange County with her mother, Kim, on the 15th of October.  Dr. Searle’s business director picked them up and helped them get their rental car and made sure they got checked into their hotel. From the hotel they […]

Abby is coming to Southern California

After seeing Abby’s story on, Dr. Searle was moved by Abby’s story. Being in the hair restoration industry he has seen several patients who have been taken advantage of and wanted to help Abby avoid this same outcome. Dr. Searle and his staff reached out to Abby’s mom, Kim, and asked if they could […]