It’s been 30 days and I feel amazing.  I’ve already started to feel better about myself as I’ve seen where my hair will continue to grow in my new hairline.  I feel younger, happier and more attractive to my wife.  I feel that I’ve taken back my appearance and I’m the man that I wanted to be.

I know it sounds silly but I thought I’d be the “balding” man and that I couldn’t change it.  With the help of Dr. Searle at Vive Image Centers I don’t think that anymore.  I know I have control of my hair and that I can keep an amazing hairline that gives me the confidence I desire.

As far as my hair goes everything has healed and is back to normal.  Dr. Searle told me that I should see some growth in the next month or two so I’m excited to see the new hair start growing.  Nobody can tell a difference in the donor area and I’m so excited that I didn’t have the strip procedure done.  I’m not sure how I would have handled a linear scar from ear to ear.

My experience with Dr. Searle and his staff was incredible and I will always refer to him with my questions regarding hair.  Thank you again!