7-Day Update

It’s been seven days and I’m feeling good. The day after the procedure I was able to go back to work but I still had my bandage on. Later in the day Dr. Searle removed and examined the donor and implant area and told me that both spots looked great. For the next 3 days I slept with my head elevated and I was glad to get back into my bed on the 4th day. That was the worst part for me as the pain was more than manageable. I only took some prescription pain meds the first night and then stopped using them. After I had my bandage removed everything was almost normal. I just made sure I didn’t bump or touch my implant area and I tried to follow Dr. Searle’s guidelines. On day 7 my donor area is almost completely healed and my implant area is healing nicely. I’m excited to see what happens over the next several months as I start seeing the results of the surgery.

I still don’t believe how “patient-friendly” this procedure was and how courteous and professional Dr. Searle and his staff were. The clinic was comfortable and they made me feel important and comfortable. I’m very happy that I decided to do this surgery with Dr. Searle and I’m excited to watch my new hairline grow.