PRP, platelet rich plasma, is a unique therapy used in many specialties of medicine. PRP works by separating the platelets and the plasma portions of the blood from the red and white blood cells. This is important because red and white blood cells interfere with the growth factors produced by platelet rich plasma.

Here are just a few of the growth factors found in PRP:

FGF: Helps to repair tissue, grow new cells, and produce collagen.

EGF: Promotes the growth of new blood vessels, which is necessary to support the new collagen and cells.

KGF: Promotes growth of the cells in the skin that are most important in protecting against ultraviolet radiation, heat, bacteria, viruses, and water loss.

TGF-B: Promotion of wound healing.

Along with dozens of other growth factors, these growth factors are a few of the important components found in PRP. Whether you are trying to repair damaged skin or promote healthier, thicker hair, PRP is the best treatment available today.