Hair Restoration Experience

Dr. Searle has been performing hair restoration procedures since 2010. He is experienced in both the FUT (strip) method and the FUE (follicular unit extraction) methods.

Dr. Searle is also an expert in non-surgical hair loss prevention and hair restoration management. Not every patient is an ideal candidate for a surgical hair restoration procedure, and Dr. Searle makes every effort to ensure that patients are offered the best options for their hair loss, which may be medical treatment.

Injectable Experience

With nearly a decade of experience and thousands of patients served, our doctor is an injectable expert. Dr. Searle has extensive training in injectable aesthetics, including multiple certifications in injectable aesthetic medicine.

Dr. Searle has a broad knowledge of the use of different products, which product is best for particular situations, what the potential side effects may be, and what the benefits will be. Every patient is different, requiring a tailored approach to their aesthetic needs, and he has the experience necessary to meet those needs.

Dr. Searle is experienced and qualified to use the following injectables:


About Dr. Searle

Dr. Gerald Searle completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Idaho State University and then attended medical school at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Over the past decade, Dr. Searle has been actively involved in research, and has published dozens of studies. Dr. Searle runs his own training institute called the Searle Hair Restoration Institute located in Newport Beach where he teaches other hair transplantation doctors the most advanced techniques in hair restoration using proprietary growth factor and stem cell protocols. He has seen thousands of patients for hair restoration and aesthetic medical practice. He does clinical research studies, speaks at national conferences, and trains other doctors on advanced hair transplant protocols with his trademark niche techniques using growth factors and stem cells. Dr. Searle holds the prestigious status of a Diamond Account, and trains other doctors and medical students on cosmetic injectables, growth factors, and laser protocols for all the leading aesthetic companies in the US.