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Obesity is an epidemic in the United States. The epidemic has spread to other parts of the world – Central America, Australia, Europe, Asia. Places that previously bragged of being “more fit” and healthy than the United States are now dealing with the same issues: our food has too much fat and sugar, our food is over-processed, it doesn’t contain the nutrients that our bodies need to metabolize the calories, and we don’t lead active lifestyles anymore. The result is a worldwide epidemic of being overweight.

Being overweight isn’t difficult just because it affects appearance and self-confidence; it also causes diseases that ultimately result in death. For example, Diabetes is closes linked to obesity and visceral fat (i.e. the fat around your belly). Heart disease is intricately linked to obesity. High cholesterol is linked to obesity. You name it: Cancer, Depression, Fibromyalgia, Osteoarthritis, Anxiety – all of these conditions have been linked to being overweight.

I have treated patients for several years, and whether they seek weight loss for aesthetic reasons or serious medical conditions – there is a common theme. Most of these people have wasted money on useless weight loss solutions. A recent study showed that Americans spend more than 20 billion dollars per year on weight loss (LaRosa, John, National Weight Control Registry).

The weight loss industry has become one of the biggest industries in not only the United States, but also the world. As a physician, I am saddened by the amount of money people waste on useless weight loss programs. I have met people with limited income who spent thousands of dollars on weight loss programs that resulted in little to no weight loss. After so many of these patient encounters, I decided that I would dedicate some of my time to searching for a good weight loss solution.

I am committed to helping people lose weight. I have a very good regimen that will help people lose weight. I am committed to helping my patients, and I see weight loss as the most obvious way to help most people. I have decided to dedicate one night per week to helping patients with weight loss. Not every patient is the same. Some people need prescribed medications. Some people need a stricter, more confined diet. Some people may benefit from supplement injections. Some people need help with their exercise routine. EVERYONE needs follow-up. Follow-up is key, and creating a community of people seeking a common objective is our goal.

We will be offering limited seating at our comfortable office in Newport Beach, CA for “Wellness Wednesdays.” On these days, I will give brief presentations that will be of benefit for any person who sincerely wishes to lose weight. I will also make myself available to follow-up with patients regarding their weight loss. Attendance is free, but seating is limited.

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Dr. Searle, DO

Vive Founder & Medical Director

With nearly a decade of experience and thousands of hair restoration surgeries performed, Dr. Searle is a dedicated Medical Professional, blending the Art and Science of hair restoration.

Dr. Gerald Searle completed his Bachelor of Science in Biology at Idaho State University and then attended medical school at Chicago College of Osteopathic Medicine. Over the past decade, Dr. Searle has been actively involved in research, and has published dozens of studies. Dr. Searle runs his own training institute called the Searle Hair Restoration Institute located in Newport Beach where he teaches other hair transplantation doctors the most advanced techniques in hair restoration using proprietary growth factor and stem cell protocols. He has seen thousands of patients for hair restoration and aesthetic medical practice. He does clinical research studies, speaks at national conferences, and trains other doctors on advanced hair transplant protocols with his trademark niche techniques using growth factors and stem cells. Dr. Searle holds the prestigious status of a Diamond Account, and trains other doctors and medical students on cosmetic injectables, growth factors, and laser protocols for all the leading aesthetic companies in the US.